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Food and Supplies For Livestock

Aiming to assist the small landholder with correct feed for the life stage and seasonal needs of their livestock.

We stock the Rumevite range of feeds for livestock among other specialised feeds.

Additives and health needs, treatments and mineral licks are always in store.

If raising young or orphan livestock, we have supplies of milk replacer, colostrum, teats, bottles and premixed nutritionally balance feeds to give them the best start in life.

As a Polymaster stockist, we have a range of troughs and feeders on hand.

Farm Equipment

Look no further for your small farming needs.

We specialise in small amounts of equipment for smaller farms! For example, if you just want one roll of sheep mesh, one gate, or 6 steel droppers!

We have troughs, feeders, buckets, rakes, shovels. Storage bins and rainwater tanks are easily ordered in for you.

A range of electric fencing gear and power units are kept on the shelf.

Herbicides, backpacks, spray units are available to help keep the weeds to a minimum. If it’s rodents taking over, then we have pesticides and traps.

Mongrel boots are our preferred choice of work-boot with pull on and zip sider styles an option,  with or without steel cap.

Pasture Seed

We have seed available for sowing of crops and pastures.

Some seed is available all year round but most become available when sowing season begins – usually late summer/early Autumn, depending on breaking rains. We can usually access a number of cereal crop varieties and pasture blends.

We advise that you pre- order the seed you require. We are happy to guide you through the process of deciding what is best for your situation.

We also stock any fertiliser or herbicide you may need. Find out More

Please complete and submit the form below and we can call you with options and availability.

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