Dog Food & Supplies

Take the best care of your best friend.
We stock dog food and dog treats for your loyal companion.

Dry food in small and large quantities in a variety of flavours to suit your dogs’ breed and life stage.

Products such as Supercoat, Stockman and Paddock, Coprice, Cobber, Pedigree, along with premium choices such as Proplan, Advance, Blackhawk, Food for Dogs and Ivory coat.

Canned food and meat rolls are also available.

Don’t miss our selection of snacks and treats.

Dog leads, collars, coats, beds, grooming implements and toys are available to help give your dog the best care. We are also here for you with worming, medicines, health and supplementary needs.


  • Warm winter dog coats
  • Selection of chewy treats
  • Dog biscuits & Snack bones
  • Worm tablets
  • Flea and skin treatments
  • Leads, collars and accessories
  • Mineral and vitamin supplements
  • Dog beds
  • Dog leads and harnesses