Garden Supplies


Feed for your garden – we sell fertiliser for the home gardener or in bulk for the small farmer to improve pasture and cropping outcomes.

Stocking a wide range of Neutrog products including Gyganic, Rapid raiser, upsurge, Bounce Back, MeatWorks, Who Flung Dung, Sudden impact for Roses, Seamungus, Earthquake

We also have Super, Urea, one Grow complete fertiliser.


Adding mulch to your garden not only helps keep moisture in the ground but also conditions the soil.

We have bagged pea straw and small rectangular bales, sometimes we also have large rounds which are cost saving as a bulk item – ask us for availability. Small lucerne hay bales are also favoured by gardeners as a mulching product.

We are stockist of Brunnings potting mix in 36L bags – look out for our buy two special.

Seasonally we also have cut, split, seasoned blue gum at a ton rate delivered free to the Gawler area.


Whether controlling weeds in the backyard or acreage, we have a range to suit most types of weed.

If you are unsure which is best, our staff can help you identify the herbicide most suited to your situation.

We keep herbicides in stock targeting broadleaf, herbaceous, woody, brush and also non- selective products for annual and perennial weeds.

If four-legged rodents are a problem, or insect infestations, we also stock many rodenticides, pesticides, insecticides and traps. And specialty items such as white ant traps can be ordered in for you.