Food and Supplies For Your Pets

We describe ourselves as a supermarket for animals and we aim to have any items you need to look after your pets and keep them in excellent health. Bagged feeds in small and large quantities. Wormers, flea and skin treatments. Leads, collars, coats, bedding and grooming items.

We understand that your pets are important family members.

Anything not in stock can often be ordered and usually sourced within a week. We are happy to take enquiries and search for any specialised item that you require.

Small and Hobby Farms

Many of our customers have acreage – from 1 acre to hundreds!

On their small farms and lifestyle properties they have several pets, some livestock and/or a horse or more.

Coming to Sanders Fodder is more than just getting ‘food for the animals’… it is often about advice and care for the not only the pets and animals but also for the land and pastures including weed control, water conservation and paddock feed.

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