Poultry Feed & Supplies

Please note that we do not sell live birds.

Poultry feed and supplies are contained in a large portion of our shop, so be assured that we will stock a feed suitable for your poultry requirements.

Did you know that a laying chicken needs a good quality supply of protein and energy to consistently lay an egg? Therefore, kitchen scraps are a treat for them, along with providing a specialised feed.

Whether you have laying hens, chicks or pullets, we stock a variety of bagged feeds from our main suppliers Barastoc and Laucke mills. There are also suitable options for breeding and growing meat birds.

If you wish to mix up a treat for your chickens, we also sell bags of lupins, maize, meat meal, wheat, peas, sorghum and many other goodies such as chick stix and dried mealworms.






We stock wormers, vitamin supplements, calcium blocks and shellgrit which all help to keep your chickens in ultimate laying health. There are also a range of pesticide options for lice, mites and other creepy crawlys, remembering to spray or treat your hen house and enclosure too.

The birds comb is a good reflection of how healthy they are as for example when they are dehydrated it will change to a blue/black colour.

If one bird in the group becomes ill sometimes the others will peck at it and cause injury so it is important to monitor the health of all birds and have a separate yard or enclosure for such a situation. See our blog page for some points of interest regarding health of chickens.


We have a huge range of feeders and drinkers – a wall of the shop dedicated to poultry and bird equipment be exact!

We keep a varied selection in stock as well as nest boxes, bulk automatic feeders and 10L drinkers for a larger flock. Leg rings for ID if you need to mark your chickens when you introduce new hens. Plastic eggs for the broody chicken who keeps sitting on all the eggs and being a bit of a nuisance.

If growing chicks from fertilised eggs we can source incubators upon request and we stock brooder lights and heaters.

Foxlights are a great option when you have some fox troubles as they mimic the action of a flashlight and can deter fox activity.