Bird Feed & Supplies

Supplies for caged and aviary birds.

Including nest boxes, shellgrit, wood shavings, calcium peck blocks, treat sticks, feeders and water containers.

We stock specialty seeds for canary, finch, budgie, parrots – small & large, pigeon and native in 20 kg bags or smaller 3 or 5 kg quantities. If you want to mix your own or add a favourite seed to the mix, we have a range of bird seeds that can be purchased in small quantities, such as safflower, sorghum, millet, sunflower.

For the pigeon enthusiast we stock pigeon grit, race feed and breeder pellets.

We can also order in toys, gadgets, and cages for your household pet bird.


  • Nesting boxes
  • Shellgrit
  • Wood shavings
  • Feeders & water containers
  • Speciality seeds & pellets
  • Cages & toys