Terms & Conditions

Sanders Savers

These terms and conditions constitute the entire agreement between the ‘SANDERS SAVERS’ members and SANDERS FODDER and cannot be waived or varied without approval in writing of SANDERS FODDER.

  1. Accounts must be at zero balance before points can be redeemed.
  2. ‘SANDERS SAVERS’ cannot be used in conjunction with any other loyalty scheme.
  3. Points are not redeemable for cash or transferable.
  4. Points may not accrue on lines already discounted or low-margin items.
  5. Points accrued will expire 90 days after accrual.
  6. SANDERS FODDER reserves the right to adjust loyalty points at any time.
  7. ‘SANDERS SAVERS’ can be suspended or terminated at any time by SANDERS FODDER.
  8. A ‘SANDERS SAVERS’ member must mention the scheme at each transaction to earn reward points.
  9. The person redeeming points for a group or club must present written authorisation from that group or club.
  10. SANDERS FODDER reserves the right to vary these TERMS at any time for any reason and without notice to ‘SANDERS SAVERS’ members. A copy of the current TERMS may be obtained in store.
  11. Email addresses may be used for newsletters and quarterly catalogue communication.
  12. SANDERS FODDER holds and uses members’ personal information in accordance with SANDERS FODDER privacy policy.


We sometimes keep your details:

  • For the management of our rewards program ‘Sanders Savers’
  • When ordering in requested items
  • Other enquiries and customer service needs

We certainly won’t share your details with anyone without asking your permission.

We don’t use ‘cookies’ or other information seeking software on our website.

We do our best to keep our website information up to date, but some advertised specials may be in short supply and therefore we can sell out quickly. Our responsibility and control of accurate information ends when you leave our site by clicking on links to other websites. You are accepting their Terms and Conditions and we no longer have any responsibility for any consumer information or transactions completed on that site. We are not liable for any malfunction or failure of your device or software while accessing our website.