Winter Veggies

Planting Winter Vegetables

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June and July present an ideal time to start planting out your vegetable garden with spring vegies. There is a great selection of vegetables to choose from depending on your climate such as silver beet, broad beans, cabbage, spinach, onions, leeks, potatoes, turnips, and beetroots.

An application of Seamungus will give your veggies and herbs a great start when planting in winter. You can also incorporate Gyganic for Veggies Fruit & Citrus throughout the soil at planting.  Cover the treated area with fresh untreated soil and allow the roots to grow down into the fertiliser.  Apply Gyganic for Veggies Fruit & Citrus every 8 weeks and Gogo Juice fortnightly.


Mulching with Whoflungdung will also serve your vegetable garden well through winter and provides numerous benefits. Whoflungdung helps to suppress weeds, retain moisture and regulate soil temperature, while also adding nutrients into the soil for both beneficial bacteria and plants to feed on.